The Power of the Fellow


Photo Credit: Cara Ober

Last year I was selected as a Fellow with the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance’s Urban Arts Leadership Program. It’s been an overwhelming experience– one that has made me take a complete look at myself as an artist and an arts administrator. The fellowship has been, for me, an intense experience that has (on occasion) brought me to tears! Good tears, mind you, but tears nonetheless. The programs and its mentors have allowed me to be honest about what I want my future to be and how to vocalize it.

Recently, Cara Ober from BmoreArt sat down with us to discuss Baltimore and the art scene. We talked about Baltimore’s arts scene and our vision for the future of art in the city. For the full article, check out the BmoreArt website.

The recording of our interview brought up some interesting points. I spend a lot of time with the other fellows yet I still find myself learning more about them (and myself) when questions of the arts in Baltimore are brought up. If you have the time, take a listen.

More information about the fellowship can be found here.