The Process

The Process 

  1. Fund seeker schedules a free consultation by contacting GirlWright by email, phone, or contact form.

  2. Both parties meet, one-on-one, to discuss fund seeker’s needs and services GirlWright can provide them.

  3. Within 48 hours after the consultation, fund seeker will receive a service agreement detailing services and costs from GirlWright.

  4. Fund seeker has 24 hours to accept the proposed agreement, at which time the agreement must be signed and returned to GirlWright by email. If changes need to be made, another in-person consultation must be scheduled.  The 2nd consultation will be at the fund seeker’s expense.

  5. After GirlWright has received the service agreement, fund seeker will be sent a PayPay link to make initial deposit. 50% of the total costs will be due at this time with the remainder balance due upon project completion.

  6. Once 50% deposit payment is made, GirlWright will send fund seeker a checklist of needed documents/information.

  7. Fund seeker must make themselves available to GirlWright for additional information regarding potential funders.

  8. GirlWright will send a completed project for fund seeker’s review. At this time, the final payment is due to GirlWright.

NOTE: The initial deposit is nonrefundable.