The following services are available from GirlWright:


Service What It Entails You May Need This Service If…

Funder Research

  • A local, regional, and national search of corporate, family, private, and public foundations based on organization’s mission and programs

  • Categorized documentation of fundings along with recommendations on a process for approaching the identified funders

  • You are a relatively new non-profit

  • Your non-profit has not previously/recently sought grants from foundations

  • You are not sure where to begin to identify potential funders

Proof Reading and Editing

  • Typos, spelling , grammar, punctuation

  • Readability

  • Clarity, consistency, tone and flow

  • Jargon that may be unfamiliar outside your organization

  • Paying attention to  formatting and grant requirements

  •  For grant proposals and letters of inquiry (LOIs) already written

Full Proposal Writing/Editing

  • Write proposal for funding based on results of potential funder research or on rfp/funder identified by the organization

  • Write and tailor proposals to each funder

  • You’re unsure of the steps involved in preparing a proposal

  • The proposal is particularly large or complex

  • You need to ensure that proposal activities are kept on track

  • You don’t have the time or personnel available to manage the proposal effort

  • You need help in organizing what you’ve written

  • Your proposal needs a more professional tone and appearance

  • You don’t have the time or personnel available for editing

  • You have no boilerplate material for use in current or future bids

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