Cry It Out

The Play

Cry It Out started as a monologue that needed more space. Each scene in Cry It Out represents a different take, opinion, truth about race when it comes to dealing with the police.  From my own personal experiences to conversations I’ve had with friends to ease dropping on complete strangers—the events of Freddie Gray and those that followed stuck a cord. Whether you are black, white, or brown—you had a reaction. The reactions caused an affect. The affect changed the way you live your life and interact with others. Cry It Out is a play that is meant to bring those reactions together to show that they are all interconnected.

Why This? Why Now?

Professionally, this is the right time for me to pursue this project because it just is. As a playwright I am always writing, always creating, always striving to complete my next piece of theatre. Personally, I am now far enough removed from my initial raw emotions addressed in this piece to share it with the world. For me, this project is a form of healing. I recognize that there are many around me that have the same feelings and thoughts but are unable to express them freely. This project will serve as a safe place to release said feelings.

Ways You Can Help

I understand if you are not able to give money directly through Indiegogo, however there are other ways that you can support me!

The first way is to follow me on social media:

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The second way is to share this Indiegogo page with your friends and family.

The third way is to text and/or call me regularly to check in on me to make sure I’m not going crazy through this process. This is my first try at self-producing and I’m going to need everyone’s help to remain sane during the process.

From the bottom of my heart thank you very much!

-Dani Faulkner