The Playground

Center for Non-Professional Theatre Makers


Come to play, stay to learn

The first part of playwright is play. At some point, playwrights forget this. We get bogged down with deadlines, competition, and focus more on resume additions then the love of theatre. How often as writers are we given that chance to examine our work? Or the chance to have the time/space to work out a scene or bit of text without judgment?

There’s a lack of resources for per-professional playwrights in Baltimore, Maryland. What is available tends to be for those that have plays that are production and/or reading ready. As a new playwright, it takes time to get a script ready for production. From needing rehearsal space, to creative personnel (designers, directors, actors)– it can be hard for a playwright to know who or where to go when they have a new piece they want to try out.

The Playground is a resource center that allows playwrights the opportunity to bring their work to a safe environment where they are given the freedom to experiment. The resource center supports playwrights and their journey to explore their scripts and their process through multidisciplinary practices. The center offers playwrights actors, space, and an audience to practice their craft. The Playground is available to all playwrights, year-round.

We connect playwrights with directors, actors, audiences, theatres and theatre organizations to help them create their plays. We also help our playwrights understand the process of promoting their plays and serve as a venue for theatres that are interested in new work.

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