| Mission Statement |

The Playground is a theatre center that provides playwrights the opportunity to develop their skills by assisting them with resources and personnel to help them create powerful plays.

| Our Vision |

  • Theatre can happen anywhere, anytime, anyplace, and at any level

  • Agency representation will not determine one’s status as a professional theatre maker

  • Theatre needs the community, the community needs theatre, both need each other to flourish

| Core Values |

  • We believe theatre is a living art.

Theatre is an evolving, living, breathing, element of life. The interactions between that of those on the stage and in the audience need not begin and/or end due to the appearance of a curtain.

  • We believe creative collaboration is essential.

When theatre is at its best, it involves people from many different backgrounds and levels of experiences. Professional theatre artists and resources include directors, actors, dramaturges, playwrights, designers and architects.

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